Friday, May 13, 2016

Current Polling Indicates

that Charlie Baker is The Most Popular Governor in the USA.
Despite pussyfooting on transgender rights, despite being a blustery do nothing on public transportation and regardless of his unhealthy fixation on Charter Schools.
But lets face facts, the public is prone to liking the moderate republican pose because its soooo low maintenance, one can comfortably enter a trance without paying any attention to the Administration At All.
And that basically is the source of Charlie's popularity he can safely be ignored.
Granted no one in the Lege can get the guy on the phone and given his lack of any imprint anywhere else we can deduce that his current high approval ratings are designed to re-election his ass in 2018 and nothing else.
What happens after that no one can say, but if I was the democratic state committee I'd keep a weather eye on Ed Markey's seat in the US Senate.
You heard it here first yo....

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