Tuesday, May 03, 2016

I was the Unwilling but Patient Recipient of a Telephone Push Poll

which all but promised me free hookers and gratis heroin if I just applauded loudly for lifting the charter school cap this November. There is as you may recall, a question on the ballot this November.
I made my indifference to the institution and my dislike of the funding mechanism plain but the whole turgid exercise staggered on for twenty minutes before petering out.
Disheartening I wonder who paid for this exercise in ideological warfare? Moreover aren't "push polls" antique weapons since they target land line telephones owners? Unless the plan is to get everyone fifty and over exercised about Dreaded Long Arm of the Teacher's Union.
I'm guessing its a little early spadework by the Governor whose lavish love for Charter Schools is a known fact, he is pretty much shut of of the RNC at this point so I wonder if Charter Schools aren't his big political project this year?
I could be wrong, again I have no evidence to back up these speculations....anyone who has some hard data feel free to comment.

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