Thursday, May 05, 2016

Today It Gets Real...

Last time I checked, HRC is up over Donald Trump, by Thirteen Points Nationally, and as far as I am concerned that is WAY TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT.
Granted the electoral college map is likely way more comforting, but we must not leave anything to chance. We lose this one and we may well all end up behind barbed wire, don't gimme any of that "speed the revolution" shit when the very survival of the American Experiment is at Stake.
Elections like this are won on three axes, Money, Volunteers and Time, we need all three to march in relative lockstep to win.
Trust me, Donald Trump is NOT gonna hand this one too us, he has been consistently underestimated all along, we will have fight to the last ballot, to the Last American.
As democrats, as liberals and most importantly as citizens, we have been the inheritors of a tremendous  heritage of freedom and democracy, in 2016 we must prove ourselves worthy defenders of our Cherished Legacy.
Said Legacy comes to Us by an unbroken line of heroes and heroines, now we are summoned to our own rites of heroism, we must not be slack in any way.
Bombastic yes, not my usual snark again yes, but the times demand nothing less than the truth as I know it.
Get to work
Time is wasting....

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