Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Jeff Jacoby's Column in Today's Globe

is a nigh perfect primer in Bill Weld's Particular Power of Boomer Mesmerism.  Jeff lists in excruciating detail all the different ways Weld fell short of the Conservative Eschaton when he was Governor (including his bromance with His Infernal Majesty, Senate President Billy Bulger) and then sighs flops over on his back and breathily endorses Weld's Vice Presidential Candidacy on the Libertarian Ticket.
I just don't get it....but in there in an inexplicable power in Bill Weld's mixture of ready ennui, sloppiness and insolence and it makes Boston Globe Columnists of  all genders and persuasions just plotz.
Or else Trump really has Jacoby in a Box....but geez if your last hope is an inconstant jobber like Bill Weld you have reached rock bottom indeed.

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