Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ach, Scott Brown is...

Up in the Polls.

I suspect those "turncoat democrat" TV ads might be working.
This is ironic because Citizen Warren herself is a turncoat republican, she was (according to the Sunday Globe) a registered GOP voter as recently as 1998.
How exactly she counters Scott Brown's slow "trudge to the center", remains an open question, I doubt she can gin up an endorsement from a republican with statewide name recognition and credibility.
And anyway, the GOP's party discipline is a lot tighter than the democrats, I hate to admit it, but it is true.
Another factor at play here is the relatively benign economic conditions pervasive in Massachusetts, this works somewhat to Brown's advantage as I have noted before.
 If Brown has an Achilles Heel it is the National GOP which is desperate to make this election a referendum on embracing outright autocracy. Moreover with twitchy mooks like Paul Ryan and Tod Akin on the ticket here and elsewhere Brown has to scramble every day to issue press releases "clarifying his differences with the National GOP".
I"m gonna suggest, five point lead or no five point lead one does not "clarify" themselves into high office.
The short term parameters are clear, Brown will continue his surly "trudge to the center" while Citizen Warren to continue to try and manacle the Junior Senator to the unfolding madness of the National GOP.

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