Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Scott Brown's "Major Policy Address"

In Randolph yesterday consisted of accusing Citizen Elizabeth Warren of wanting to raise 3.4 Trillion Dollars in new taxes over the next ten years.
Which brings a nice classical McCarthyist note to the campaign I think.
Paul Ryan's veep nod, intellectually speaking wasn't good news for Former State Senator Scott Brown as it pretty much cut off any hope that Romney was gonna track to the middle for the General Election.
Moreover Ryan's nomination means the discussion over the short term will be about cuts, to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid etc etc etc, po' folk's gittin' less, rich folks ridin' high.
Scott Brown really can't afford to get caught up in that narrative given the necessity of his "trudge to the middle".
So in tried and true GOP fashion ( a trick that goes back to Ronald Reagan in fact) Brown starts screaming like a stuck pig about taxes all in an effort to obscure the heartless budget plans of the National Ticket.
Simple eh?
Whether or not it works is another matter, it is notable that after this demagogic eructation, Brown all but fled the scene declining to take any questions from reporters.

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