Sunday, August 19, 2012

To no one's surprise

it is learned that GOP Veep Designate, Rep. Paul Ryan voted for TARP, the Prescription Drug Benefit, Mr. Bush's entirely unfunded wars, the Bush Tax Cuts, the Alaskan Bridge to Nowhere and while he decried the Obama Admin's stimulus package, he sucked up every dollar of it he could for his own district.
Ryan is in a word, A Big Government Conservative, that is to say he loves public spending as long as his party gives him the entirely hypocritical out of denouncing any and all forms of taxation as inherently wicked.
Given a record like this is it any wonder he rose to the Vice Presidential Nomination of the Republican Party circa 2012?
He embodies the GOP's intellectual corruption almost perfectly, indeed who else would they nominate quite frankly?
Paul Ryan's first political patron in Washington DC was Dollar Bill Bennett a money grubbing lout who sits on the board of dozens of conservative PACs, draws a six million dollar salary out of all of them and then jets off to Vegas to blow off steam at the high roller's table.
Bennett is DC phenomenon, a bloated denizen of basic cable chat shows his speciality is a sort of repulsive jowl shaking indignation....The TV Punditariat just love him especially when Bennett starts ranting and raving about basic moral values etc etc.
He largely makes his living thus and as a lobbyist for various rightical chic causes, to date he has never successfully influenced congress in any manner shape or form with respect to his conservative ideology...but people keep giving Bennett money nonetheless, must be all those quotes from Marcus Aurelius about "personal responsibility".
All I can say is Young Ryan learned his lessons well from such a master....

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