Monday, August 13, 2012

Scott Brown thinks

that poor people should not be encouraged to vote.
This is a pretty blatantly Augustan notion, but a sorts of democracy-hating proposals are very freely bruited about and even written into law these days.
I blame the Bush v. Gore Supreme Court decision, it made vote suppression (previously the favored option of Argentine Juntas) sexy again.
Scott Brown, (R-Massachusetts, no really!) goes the whole mishaugas one better, these days thanks to the covert power of redistricting, politicians get to select their constituents, now Scott Brown wants to select just who gets to vote at all.
Pretty wretched stuff for a guy who has been uneasily tracking back to the center all year long, but we should take it as a good indicator of the sort of turnout concerns that must be at the center of his campaign.

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