Thursday, August 30, 2012

Clint Eastwood speaks to the RNC

ranting& raving at an empty chair that was supposed to represent "President Obama"or the GOP collective psychotic projection of Obama I dunno.
Maybe poor Clint has finally hit the wall, who can say?

I dunno what it is about cowboy actors, but they tend to get lost in that simpleminded patriotic gunslinger on horseback meme.
Roy Rogers, John Wayne, Ward Bond, Slim Pickens, Chuck Connors, Fess Parker, Ronald Reagan etc etc, all wingnuts of one type or another.
So of course, Clint Eastwood that notoriously persecuted "small businessman"and lavish consumer of tax credits and subsidies...has to make the case in Tampa for small gummint and cheap ammo.
In all a disheartening & loutish spectacle to be sure.
It is akin to West End Native Leonard Nimoy getting up in front of the Democratic National Convention and lobbying for more investment in faster than light technology....
The cowboy meme (However surreal the invocation by Clint Eastwood), is a powerful one in GOP Politics.  Years ago I blogged about the intellectual & moral decline of the GOP from the "First Cowboy" (Barry Goldwater) to the "Second Cowboy" Ronald Reagan  and onto the frankly decadent and corrupt "Third Cowboy" George Bush Jr.
Now I guess Mitt Romney bids to be "The Fourth Cowboy"or some damn thing , all I know is that the Former Governor would look utterly idiotic on horseback and he'd likely shoot himself in the foot if they handed him a longhorn revolver as well.
It is a depraved and shopworn metaphor and the GOP cannot get enough of it.

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