Thursday, August 02, 2012

There is a ballot initiative this November

ensuring that the consumer has a "Right to Repair", ergo, allowing independent auto mechanics access to manufacturer's computer codes in order to diagnose a particular mechanical problem.
Humble Elias fully supports said "Right to Repair", dealerships notoriously overcharge customers for repair work and independent auto mechanics are unto themselves an entire industry with outlets in every hamlet and township across the nation.
A "Right to Repair" law is good for jobs, good for the consumer, good for small businesses and is good for the USA's manufacturing base....
Of course the Governor is trying to stay ahead of the game  by signing a law guaranteeing such access (like gay marriage Massachusetts would be the first in the nation with respect to the "Right to Repair"), if preserves the spirit of the pending ballot initiative and protects small business and the consumer, then Humble Elias is for it.

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