Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Jeff Jacoby

in  a very earnest missionary tone today, that is is okay to change your mind about politics, if it leads you to vote for Mitt Romney.
It is just never ever okay to change your mind about abortion and walk over to the pro-choice side of the say nothing of changing your mind about Israel's national security requirements.
Nope then it is Katey-bar-the-Door innit?
Ya gotta love Jeff Jacoby US Politics offers him endless column fodder this week with the RNC and all he can come up with is this easily refuted tripe.
Jeff may actually have a conscience (even if it is an uneasy conscience)...but week after week he generates this laughable hackwork and calls it punditry.
He misquotes, selectively reads and mangles the facts, no one on the Op Ed Page of the Globe generates more corrective letters...but nevertheless, Jeff abides.
Good money in return for sheer dreck, its a editorialist's dream.

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