Monday, August 27, 2012

Romney opts to declare cultural war

in an attempt to draw in white working class voters into his coalition via "Volatile Racial Issues".
In other words, Mitt is saying "Vote for Me or Else The President will Parachute Crackheads & Homosexual Married Couples into the Suburbs!"
Ahhhh this is truly vintage Romney, utterly blatantly hypocritical& shrill as well.
I've been waiting for this dingbat to show up all Summer and he did not disappoint me on the eve of Labor Day.
Anyone else recall a mere six months ago when Mitt Romney was running as a "Severely Conservative"candidate with a fetish for low taxes & a balanced budget who was the de facto scourge of culture warriors like Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich?
What happened to that guy? Brian McGrory's fabled "grown up" candidate? Nothing Romney just did what he always does "severely" adjusting his beliefs in pursuit of a new set of potential benefits.
Look Humble Elias has been a biased observer of Mitt Romney for over eighteen years now, The Former Governor doesn't believe in much save money, the semi divinity of corporations and his own self interest.
All of this though, doesn't make Romney a very original thinker, in fact you could say creativity is anathema for him. Thus Romney tends to repeat old formulas he thinks will lead to success...and that makes him weirdly predictable and perhaps, vulnerable.

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