Saturday, August 11, 2012


All told, Mitt Romney has been actively and publicly kissing right-wing ass for seven years now. I date his courtship from the day in 2005 he arrived in Spartansburg SC to lecture the natives on the sinful habits of the Kulaks of Massachusetts.
Seven full years of toadying of the most appalling sort, and after all that Romney still hasn't sealed the deal with the forces of wingnuttery and must to appease them (Always to Appease Them), Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate.
I'm beginning to think these guys saw Mitt coming a mile off, they kept raising the asking price and sure as shootin' Romney's negotiations turned to abject capitulation and voila' Paul Ryan.
Which seems to indicate that the unseen powers and principalities of the GOP want to create a successor personality for 2016, someone to lay a stronger claim to the nomination than say twitchy Rick Santorum or the corpulent money loving Newt Gingrich.
Clearly that person is Paul Ryan a nice personable eloquent fanatic, the sort of "conservative intellectual" who makes pseudo intellectual schlockmeisters like Jeff Jacoby go into ecstatic spasms.
Ryan is a great choice for activating the GOP Base, I doubt he will do much business with independents as the campaign evolves given his bona fides as a idealogue.
In some ways this is a decision much akin to McCain's selection of Sarah Palin, save that Ryan seems smarter than the Former Alaska Governor, but then again that ain't sayin' much.
It is said that Ryan read "Atlas Shrugged" as a teenager was ever after influenced by Ayn Rand's seminal libertarian screed.
 All I can say is, God Save this Republic from Teenagers who Avidly Read "Atlas Shrugged"...Look how they turn out.

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