Monday, August 20, 2012

Rep. Tod Akin

wingnut candidate for the US Senate in the "Show Me State", told an interviewer this weekend that victims of "legitimate rape" seldom become pregnant because their bodies have natural defenses against unwarranted impregnation.
The Taliban have a firmer grasp on human female biology...and this is allegedly a grown adult & educated man betraying a level sexual insight that would induce guffaws in a Middle Schooler.
One has to pause and wonder at the cataract of sheer rubbish, what are the victims of "illegitimate rape" supposed to do??
There you have it, Congressman Tod Akin, The Gift that Keeps on Giving.
My only complaint he has betrayed such a complete and profound stupidity that he will likely be driven out from the US Senate Race.
If Akin hung in there long enough, Claire McCaskill might reconsider her decision to skip the DNC in Charlotte North Carolina.
Ghod even a mook like Romney finds Akin repulsive, that alone speaks volumes.
Otherwise I'd like to apologize to my tiny readership, a politician as crass stupid and self satisfied as Tod Akin requires a veritable H.L. Mencken to delineate all the mirthful all are stuck with Humble Elias and his "sarcastic rant driven chatter".

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