Sunday, August 12, 2012

I like how

Mitt Romney is going down to campaign in Florida alone, leaving Social Security Hater Paul Ryan to flail around Iowa pretending he knows something about farm problems.
Ghod Paul Ryan is like every Florida retirees nightmare son-in-law, glib condescending, a great quoter of Ayn Rand at the dinner table, great annihilator of other people's pensions and a great hoarder of his own privileges.
After all the snarky little mook hasn't been off the public payroll since he graduated college, he learned well from his patron, Dollar Bill Bennett how to cash in on conservative welfare.
Sure they are screaming their hatred at "Obamacare" at all of Rep. Ryan's rallies right now, but those howls come from the same haters who have been carrying on this way since 2008.
I'll be curious to see what the numbers look like among indepedent voters once the "Ryan Sugar High" has worn off....

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