Friday, August 24, 2012

"We consider him a Senator who votes Pro-Life"

so said "Massachusetts Citizens for Life" who came out banging the pots for Scott Brown today.
This despite an election year burst of rhetoric asserting Brown's pro choice bona fides and his blasts at Rep Todd Akin yesterday.
Taken in full one can marvel at Brown's capacity to evade and distort and contradict himself and still hold his coalition that he much resembles his mentor Mitt Romney he of the five distinct positions on abortion in six years.
Well, Massachusetts Citizens for Life is right in one respect, Scott Brown IS a pro life vote, if the GOP gains control of the US Senate he will be a very reliable vote in favor of making a anti abortion fanatic Mitch McConnell Majority Leader.
This is not news that helps Brown's "trudge to the center" on the other hand abortion aye or nay has never been a game changing issue in the Commonwealth. Certainly banging that particular pot did Martha Coakley no good at the last minute in 2010. However a general case can be made that on this issue Brown is unreliable and at best a feeble negotiating partner with the pro-life majority of the GOP as well as being a de facto latah for the GOP's Senate leadership team.

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