Friday, April 29, 2016

I love how

Denny Hastert borrowed the Late James Michael Curley's old stunt of showing up for the Sentencing Hearing in a wheelchair.
What the hell it worked the child lusting bastard got a paltry five months in the clink thereafter the young boys of Chicago will have to listen closely behind them for the soft squeak of a wheelchair....assuming Hastert still needs it of course.
Because Denny Hastert is what you get when you repress and govern your sexuality by repressing and dominating others....
And yet I recall plenty of Republicans smirking at me and promising as soon as they were done removing Bill Clinton and Al Gore from office, Denny would be our next President.....
Be that as it may, Hastert is to be congratulated, the First US Speaker of the House to Graduate to the Sex Offenders Registry.

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