Friday, January 11, 2008


During the segment on the upcoming Michigan Primary, Mitt Romney promised to "Take Washington apart and put it back together so it is smaller, simpler and more efficient".
A month ago this sort of rubbish would have sounded ominous and dangerously utopian, indeed we all suffer when conservatives feel the need to imbibe of reform...and Romney is suddenly a sot for the stuff.
These days though it is all bit tedious and silly, Romney has suffered thru twin Waterloos he decamps to Michigan to take in the air in what amounts to his last ditch.
If he is going out, he is going out the way he came in a smug insufferable amateur who couldn't be told a thing about the great game.
How else to account for these bewildering changes in tone, a few days ago the simple populist reformer from Wall Street, now he babbles like what he thinks an auto executive sounds like.
This on the other hand seems like a very interesting idea...

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