Friday, January 04, 2008

When the dust settles, the smoke clears and the true extent of the wreckage

from Mitt Romney's pricey defeat in Iowa is seen...then what is Scot Lehigh to do but proclaim his predictable man-love for...Senator John McCain.

This passage fawningly depicting McCain's sudden rise in the NH polls is particularly hilarous:
But in a larger sense, what's really happening is this: The state's finely honed authenticity meter has kicked in. Increasing numbers are concluding that McCain's character and candor stand out. That's what I heard at several McCain events on Wednesday, sometimes from voters who only recently had been leaning toward someone else.
Every time I read the word "authenticity" I reach for my trusty cannister of double strength pepper spray. Inevitably, gushing columnists use the word "authentic" because they dare not describe their candidate as "honest".
In McCain's case the use of the word "authentic" duly obscures his many lapses in judgement and famously short fuse.
Well what of it? All in all, we are getting some nice reverb out of Romney's fabled "Disaster in the Snows".
Poor poor Mitt, he can't even hope for a crash landing in the Vice Presidency, he comes from a state he can't deliver in November and anyway he has called everyone else in the race every vile epithet in the book from coward all the out of pimp...shoulda re-thought those negative adverts there Willard.

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