Friday, January 18, 2008

Two short weeks ago...

Candidate Mitt Romney adopted democrat Barack Obama's change mantra in a desperate doomed bid to turn around the New Hampshire Primary.

Humiliated by the subsequent loss to Senator John McCain who is the closest thing in politics to Kenny Delmar's old "Senator Claghorn" routine, Romney then slid off to Michigan and stole a page from John Edwards' campaign promising to reopen closed auto factories.
And what the hell the damn fool won, so as a result we can look forward to more of Romney's Huey Long act in which he promises "Jobs fer all yew slobs" by fair means or foul.
Of course, nowhere does he mention how he is gonna recover those manufacturing jobs, what statutes he will propose to congress, what monies he will allocate and who will pay the price for this bid to prevent the exodus of factory jobs?
No Mitt seems to think his wondrous managerial record will be enough to fix things without inconveniencing his well heeled donors.
Honestly with this sudden shift to economic populism, Romney has surged past mere cynicism to outright political depravity.
Meanwhile he is being pimped hard by none other than notorious dope fiend Rush Limbaugh, which just demonstrates that the GOP has hit absolute rock bottom in that the best movement conservatism can hope for in this presidential year is a boring, groveling political tranvestite who talks too fast and says too little.
If Willard Mitt Romney is the GOP's last hope for a Man on Horseback who will save the day, then Humble Elias truly fears for the survival of the two party system in the USA.

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