Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Two Sturdy Pundit-Pathologies...

Confront us in this presidential contest, the first asserts that John McCain is either a godly man or a manly god, the likes of Chris Matthews are undecided on this point, the second asserts that Hillary Clinton is a false wicked woman whose downfall cannot come soon enough for the cackling magpies at the kewl kids table.
The inability for the Senator from New York to get even the illusion of fair coverage from the press is evidenced by the current "Newsweek" which tries to gin up another impending crack-up of the Clinton campaign complete with swipes at the former President and nasty quotes from Maureen "Bush is just SO comfortable in his own skin" Dowd.
Well I dunno, the last time all these a-holes were this worked up and dead certain it was curtains for Hillary she went on to win the New Hampshire Primary.
All this has direct implications for us all if the fall race becomes a John versus Hillary contest (and it may not, but yuh never know), it will be a given under those circumstances that the kewl kids table will reach new and dangerous heights of bias and distortion.
The Senator from New York should consider herself duly warned and ought to consider framing a strong argument against press bias going forward.

Hell, it worked for Nixon.

My question is...why the hell do they all hate her so? Most of her most zealous press adversaries are themselves aging boomers who apparently have decided to project onto Hillary Clinton all of their own generational fear, guilt and paranoia.
It is like they are afraid of her or something.

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