Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"Scheme" Romney finally wins on...

in Michigan no less where Romney terrified at the thought of another loss went from town like a demented Soviet Commissar promising to re-open the long lost automobile factories.
We can add this patently insane promise to his oft repeated pledge to over-ride the decrees of various courts and coroners to ensure every American family had a mommy and daddy.
Otherwise, Mitt was in full rant mode last night at his victory party, he looks ridiculous without his coat by the way, Romney is way too congenitally uptight to look casual or jaunty in any circumstance, it is nothing but another indicator of how packaged and insincere he is.
By the way, the snivelling bastard actually smiled when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were boo'd in his victory speech. You don't throw those names into the mix unless you want those boos and catcalls to register loud and clear on TV.
As Fat Albert would say "Noooo Class".

Still His "Washington is broken" bluster will no doubt impress the naive slobs in the pundit class for a week or two, Joanie Vennochi might even get a "Beware you dumb-ass liberals, MITT ROMNEY is gonna emasculate you!" column out of it.

Me I dunno, Mitt had to practically promise the recession wracked voters of Michigan free hookers to win, what will be promise the Texans? More oil from out the ground?
Romney has vaulted to the GOP A-List where he shares billing with a dolorous pack of mystics and whiners none of whom as yet have demonstrated any sustained electoral strength anywhere....nothing more.
That is what forty five million dollars buys you, a chance to politically masturbate for a few more weeks.
The good news is, as of today, the GOP is in complete disarray unseen since the decline and fall of Richard Milhous Nixon, they may get their act together, but time is against them and if they do unite behind a candidate the process will look equally shady and ugly to the rest of the country.
Meanwhile Mit gets bask for a while, at least until Huckabee wins South Carolina and Giuliani wins Florida and then the mishaugas starts all over again like it is the night before the Iowa caucuses.

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