Sunday, February 03, 2013

As some of you may have hard...

Former State Senator Scott Brown will not run in this year's special election to fill John Kerry's seat in the US Senate. Well that was a surprise to say the least...felt for sure he'd a made the race. Well the logic of the decision is simple, if Brown piled in, he'd be locked into a political situation where he'd a run for the US Senate as a candidate or incumbent four times in five years and in a race that officially became the most expensive as of 2012 with no end in sight for rising campaign costs. A daunting prospect to be sure. My guess is, Brown may be thinking about running for Governor in 201 where he'd have a better chance to establish his independent bona fides unburdened by the wingnuttery of the National GOP. Or he could just wanna cash in and be done with it all, although cramming his own personal State GOP Chair candidate down the party's throat this month seems to suggest he has some political plans in the future... As for who the State GOP gins up I cannot say. Clearly the current darling of the local punditariat is still Former Governor Bill Weld, who might make an interesting race although the man is famously easily bored which is no strong recommendation for an office that has it's share of utter tedium. Richard Tisei and Charlie Baker have both said they aren't running, Scary Kerry Healey is said to be interested. She might make a good candidate, the glass ceiling is clearly breached in state politics and she has some fundraising prowess...then again this is Scary Kerry we are talking about she has poor judgement and is perpetually tarred with being Mitt Romney's toadying Lieutenant Governor....but at this point that makes her a front runner.

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