Sunday, February 10, 2013

Over at the Red Mass Group

all and sundry are in high dudgeon over the Governor's order to close the roads at the outset of the current blizzard here in the Commonwealth. This is ironic to me as the civil defense statute invoked by Governor Patrick clearly dates back to the Cold War when the jittery conservatives of 1955 were anxious to make sure the State's Executive Department had the legal tools to deal with a nuclear attack and or an invasion. And indeed on Friday the State was invaded, by a killing blizzard, not Soviet ICBMS. So by the standards of the cold-war conservatives of 1955, Governor Patrick acted promptly and correctly. Today's conservatives are a weaker and whinier breed by and large, they won't permit or honor what their stalwart grandparents put on the books...these conservatives don't do much conserving do they?

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