Sunday, February 17, 2013

Okay so far...

the GOP has Dan Winslow, Gabriel Gomez and likely District Attorney Michael F. Sullivan all running for the US Senate. Winslow has incurred charges of disloyalty as he was fiddling around with a third party presidential candidacy last year instead of getting his ticket punched with Mitt Romney. Gabriel Gomez is terminally weird by all accounts and unready for prime time despite his Navy SEAL Bona Fides...That leaves Michael Sullivan as the most creditable potential US Senate candidate the GOP has at this point. He has a prosecutorial background (hey it worked for Bill Weld), some gravitas and he has proven himself in Norfolk County wide elections....that is something to start with to be sure. Right now though, its even money if any of these mooks can get on the ballot they have a few short blizzard struck weeks to amass 10,000 signatures to get on the ballot (in fact you need 20,000 to provide for disavowals)...which raises the chilling possibility that the republicans won't have anyone on the ballot come the summer and will be forced to wage a write in campaing for the US Senate. Which puts a great deal of pressure on the democrtic primary and might mean that ticket-splitting "Reagan Democrats" having no Scott Brown to beguile them might rally to Stephen Lynch... Think about that why doncha.... ?

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