Friday, February 22, 2013

The conservative punditariat is in a lather

because the normally circumspect Congressman Ed Markey went out to Pittsfield Ma and compared the wrongfulness of the Supreme Court's "Citizen's United" decision to the wrongfulness of the "Dred Scott Decision". It was hardly Lincoln's "Peoria Speech" on the part of Citizen Markey but he made plain his opposition, Abe Lincoln was much more graphic about "Dred Scott" BTW he went up and down Illinois saying in effect that Slavery was being Imposed on the North by Southern Judicial Fiat. Just in case any of you were wondering... I abolsutely guarantee you that for the past thirty years Ed Markey has had to sit at his desk in the US House and listen politely to GOP Demagogues ranting and raving like rabid fisher cats to the effect that "Rowe V. Wade" was every bit as wicked a Supreme Court ruling as "Dred Scott". I myself have heard more than a few Catholic Priests utter the exact same sentiments in various pulpits from Florida to Menotomy Mass and up to Goffstown New Hampshire before I finally threw in the sponge on that habit. So to me, no harm no foul, but then Markey is no skilled user of rhetoric and never has been so the usual suspects are lyaing for him hoping for easy eats'.

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