Monday, February 18, 2013

Take a look at this picture of

Harry Truman campaigning for re-election in Boston back in 1948. For a man presiding over a three way split in the democratic party, Truman managed to effect some unity in Massachusetts, that is John McCormack, James Michael Curley and Paul Dever all smiles and Wild About Harry as well. Normally that lot all hated one another... My Mother and Late Father, (back when they were merely affiance'd) tried to get into the big rally in Mechanic's Hall that night, damn thing sold out, packed house, they had to be content watching it on TV in a nearby tavern. Which is when my Father openly predicted that Truman (then rated a "dead duck") would beat Dewey like a rented government mule. If you think on it, we've all got our "Presidential Stories" Happy President's Day to All.

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