Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Globe for Sale...again?

Who is gonna buy it? Cashman's wife? Ernie Boch Jr....Bill Cosby, Ben Affleck? Its a question of who is local and has "mad money" to spend on what is after all, a much beloved antique. I think sometimes we forget that Boston is dug in and holding the last nigh desperately on a glorious lost cause, which to say the Two-Newspaper Town...There are few of them out there these days and all are doomed to extinction at some point or another. So we have been lucky but soon enough our luck runs out, exactly what replaces the newspaper template I cannot say, there are tons of sources of news out there, but how many are credible? Its a cold wind out there blowing for anyone in the floppy news biz today, for all my "sarcastic rant driven chatter", y'all have my sympathies. Hang in there....

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