Friday, February 15, 2013

The irony is just killin' me

Mitch McConnell the Senate Minority Leader is filibustering the nomination of fellow republican Chuck Hagel to the Defense Depart...this would be Senator Chuck Hagel, once a reliable vote for Senator McConnell's Minority Leadership AND a GOP filibuster stalwart. There is something awful and wrong about the fury of losers. McConnell himself is a humorless corrupt virtuecrat who presides over a caucus composed to paranoid reactionary fantasists, to do anything else but turn on a friend is probably impossible without losing his job. Well, that is how it is played inside the beltway these days, but to the rest of us, the Death of Senate Collegiality is a degrading spectacle to watch from afar. One good thing that may come of this is maybe the democrats at both end of Pennsylvania Avenue will at least realize that the "BI" in "BIPARTISANSHIP" implies that there is a negotiating partner who can at least engage in good faith. Without that...what is the point of all this feel good bipartisan soft makes Congresspersons feel good about their innate crapulence I guess.

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