Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Dan Winslow?

HE is running for the GOP senate nomination...a State Rep? Wow. I guess Scary Kerry Healey couldn't get up the money from her paper route eh? Cuz its fer damn sure her hubbie isn't bankrolling another kamikaze statewide campaign.... *** Winslow hardly piled into this race with Wagnerian howls, he has "formed an exploratory committee", which sounds like he is looking for an out if someone with money and name recognition announces. Nonethless Winslow has an interesting resume he has been a judgement, a lackey for Governor Romney and a state rep giving him some diverse bullet points on his resume. Moreover, we have learned from bitter experience that GOP unknowns and outsiders can indeed prosper in a special senate election so I advise all and sundrey to take Winslow's potential seriously. Of course the full and complete modalities of the upcoming campaign have not yet presented themselves to us...I for one am not sure that others may get into this race in due course, although, lets face it the clock she is-a tickin'.

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