Tuesday, February 12, 2013

North Korea has detonated a third nuclear weapon...

What do they have to show for it, but misery, terror, want and fear? But at least The Bomb gaurantees The Kim Family can perpetuate all that in North Korea sans interdiction. And that is what The Bomb is good for these days, military-diplomatic special effects, it upholds sovereignty and poverty all at the same time. It keeps The Americans Out and the Starvelings behind barbed wire. That is the legacy of "Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy" in the seventh decade of Assured Annihilation...they prop up totalitarian regimes very nicely. Of course I get the North's notion of their strategic dilemma, a detached "enabler" to the North and a Historically antagonistic alliance to the South. Frankly I'm surprised they didn't spring for The Bomb sooner...of course White South Africa had nuclear weapons (albeit secretly built & deployed) and they did that regime exactly no damn good when Nelson Mandela started walking the streets. Remember that going forward.

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