Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Late word comes to us that the

NH State Legislature is conjuring with legalizing casino gambling in the Granite State thus to chip off a few high rollers from the affluent communities of Lowell & Chelmsford with a nice second rate gambling joint in the Southern Tier. I have to ask, is there a state legislature left in the USA that is NOT infected with this "pimp mentality" when it comes to casino gambling? And not for nothing but the NH State Legislature normally violently rejects any SENSIBLE policy laid down in Massachusetts, why do they have to glom onto this legalized gambling nonsense? The answer to that is simple from the days of the Five Hundred that Ruled Athens in the age of Socrates til Today no sovereign legislature has ever resisted the lure of easy revenues...even if it means paying unknown costs social and political down the line. "Money now, beats money later" or so the chorus goes up from freeper and progressive alike...well I wish all and sundry the Joy of It.

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