Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Tagg we hardly knew ye....

A charming will o' the wisp vanishes as Tagg Romney declines to run for the US Senate after what appears to be a mere six hours of mirthful speculation. the kid had money (none of which he earned) and name recognition (of the worst kind) and in the end he bailed just like Weld, Tisei, Baker, hell who else is gonna say no to it? What we are witnessing here is the absolute implosion of the State GOP, once an impregnable Fastness home to Calvin Coolidge and Frank Sargent and now little more than a fundraising flag of convenience and sort of outreach program for the inept and resentful. Sad. No it's hilarious, in just forty eight hours they went from playas to punks, Scott Brown crammed his own state chair candidate down their throats, flipped off the senate race and since that moment last Friday we have again and again witnessed just how thin the ranks of the state republicans have gotten. Ray Shamie would have found a candidate, hell Ray Shamie would have announced by now. They may be simply holding fire and saving resources for the more salubrious 2014 gubernatorial contest, but they are doing it in the worst and most embarrassing way possible.

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