Thursday, February 07, 2013

Fox News?

Scott Brown is allegedly negotiating with Fox News for a contributor's slot. THAT is the former state senator's big post electoral idea?? A cush gig with the cable news network that is little more than a welfare program for washed up conservative hacks?? You read news like this and begin to wonder if Scott really did simply get lucky in 2010...skipping off to Fox News and part time phony baloney job with some law firm is hardly the sinecure that befits a leader in exile. Moreover as David Bernstein has pointed out, these are the sort of commitments that quietly rule out any statewide political plans thru 2014. So maybe just maybe the curtain has fallen abruptly on the "Scott Brown Era", a Giant Slayer and a Future President in 2010, a porch climber and a jobber in 2013.

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