Friday, February 01, 2013

I thought....

Chuck Hagel and John McCain were pals, fellow Vietnam Veterans and long serving Republicans....guess not. Cuz' yesterday McCain (true to his short fuse as always) tried to rip Hegel a new one during Chuck's SecDef confirmation hearings. Ghod as painful and impotent as "the Wrath of McCain" may be, it is nothing compared to the burdens of being this mook's friend. Is it me or does McCain just lust to avenge his 2008 loss one last time? Which is the man's downfall IMHO, he has certain attractive qualities and he is desperate to live up to his own reputation, but his temper and sudden whimsical willingness to play the wingnut game destroy him every time. I doubt yesterday's verbal pyrotechnics will derail Hegel's chances...they just illustrate the sad reality show vibe that in the modern US Senate. Much as I hate to say it, maybe John Kerry got out while th' getting is good.

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