Thursday, February 25, 2016

Amidst the National GOP's Lurch towards

Outright Falangism, Governor Baker is not so quietly trying to purge the republican state committee of it's egregious wingnuts. The Globe of course is all happy sighs at the prospect they tend to get giddy every time the moderate republican brand surfaces somewhere.
Of course this also gives Governor Baker an unparalleled opportunity to do some off the books fundraising in quest of said purge....that fundraising BTW is not good news as far as I am concerned.
Massachusetts is a state with a political culture that is far too easily penetrated by corrupt practices....and raising money in secret for a public purpose is always a bad precedent given said milieu.
I'll be curious as to what Baker thinks constitutes a "republican moderate" if he pulls the purge off, these days the bar is set pretty low, witchburners like John Kasich can be rebranded as a moderate simply by declining to yell and throw tantrums in public.
Pretty sad really....but lets face it, "moderate republican" doesn't really mean anything anymore, moderates have either left the party or don't vote or else they make an annual bad bargain with some candidate who holds them all in disdain.

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