Tuesday, February 09, 2016

On the other hand

its just possible that John Kasich might boot strap himself into second place up in NH today....there is some polling data that suggests movement his way even if my instinct tells me he won't pull it off when push comes to shove.
If however that does happen...it's essentially the "Carroll County ClusterF**k" all over again, I strongly doubt that Kasich has the necessary political skills to clear the GOP field in order to take on Trump in single combat to say nothing of his fundraising profile or what exact constituency he can appeal to within the GOP Base.
If this does happen...and I don't think it will, all that will happen over the short term is that the candidates who can afford it will double down all over again in South Carolina and beyond.  Kasich outperforming expectations is simple an excuse for more political chaos over the short term.
The irony is, Kasich is a reliable big gummin't reactionary in every way, profile, so far however he refuses to loudly wallow in the Conservative Myth of Grievance and that alone is enough to brand him an apostate in the intellectually corrupt reaches of the modern Republican Party.
I still suspect it'll be scenario two when it all goes down, Trump and then three guys clustered and ten percent plus....
I have a terrible record with predictions....don't I??

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