Friday, February 26, 2016

Scot Lehigh sounds desperate in today's Globe

he really thinks that if Charlie Baker gets into some alliance with John Kasich, then the cause of Moderate Republicanism Is Not Lost....
I mean this is laughable on the face of it, Kasich IS NOT a moderate, he clearly identified himself as a conservative at the Town Hall Event I attended. Kasich's moderate republican cred is solely derived from his own disinclination to howl vulgarities...he'll happily burn books or witches or whatever once elected, he'll do it with a bland lithium-style smile as well.
Baker's endorsement of Kasich would in turn be a fruitless expenditure of political capital on the part of the Massachusetts Governor, unlike the Christie endorsement which was as I said, repayment of a political debt at pennies on the dollar.
Besides, Kasich is swimming in deep conservative rapids right now I doubt he wants the backing of the allegedly moderate Governor of Massachusetts and anyway Kasich is toast next tuesday.
Sorry Scot....the Shades of Bill Scranton, Milton Eisenhower and John Volpe will not burst the bonds of death this election year.

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