Sunday, February 28, 2016

"Charlie the Chump"

When Governor Baker makes a mistake it's a doozy is all I can say. In a desperate attempt to shore out "brand moderate republican", he foolishly endorsed Chris Christie for President not three weeks ago only to have the NJ Governor bail and then himself endorse Donald Trump for President.
In all, Our Governor looks like a credulous chump....but thats to be expected, despite his high approval numbers Baker is at best a rudimentary politician with a streak of ill luck as well, he could as my aged Irish Mother would say "screw up a two car funeral" given a chance.
In Baker's defense he exactly no one in the GOP race for President who fits even a vague caricature of republican moderation, so he picked the candidate he owed payed off in counterfeit bills and even that simple transaction blew up in Charlie's face.
Its the fact that Baker had to pretend that an avowed pro life pro gun conservative from New Jersey was some sort of Rockefeller Republican is what I find so grimly hilarious.
Right now there seems to be some pressure from the Globe for Baker to "pick someone else" before Trump clears the field. As an entirely disinterested observer I urge the Governor to throw in the towel, endorsing John Kasich is another exercise in futility, the Governor of Ohio will be going Hat in Hand with the rest of them to Trump Plaza to get the best deal they can soon enough...Baker will doing himself a favor and keep mum.
MAYBE if Trump auto destructs at the convention, or rides off to Waterloo in November then Baker can credibly position himself as a survivor and a spokesman for the non-crazies in the GOP...right now there is not much he can do....

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