Wednesday, February 24, 2016

You just know Jeb Bush

is crashing around his house right now in a stupid vile rage throwing things and cursing Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, His Brother, His Backers and anyone else involved in his candidacy...thats in between the pathetic crying jags.
I'll bet his Mom cut him dead when he withdrew, La Famiglia Arbusto doesn't tolerate failure after all....
Meanwhile Marco Rubio is campaigning like a Sidekick Run Amok, someone needs to explain to the Boy Wonder that if he keeps coming in third he isn't gonna get anywheres. Frankly Marco looks like he needs to have very basic concepts explained to him in very simple terms.
So yeah right now it's Trump's race to lose, that is pretty amazing just from a historic standpoint, unless the GOP is willing to countenance some pretty savage skullduggery out in public at their convention as well. I doubt the Anti Faction has the guts quite frankly....and we as liberals dismiss Trump's general election potential at our peril.

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