Friday, February 19, 2016

So now Donald Trump is feuding with Frankie Da Pope....

Da Holey Fadda Ourwa Pope (to quote Ray Flynn) made some veiled references to xenophobic politicians and predictably Donald Trump called the Papal Discourse "Disgraceful" (and likely much worse things).
I'm waa-ay past any hope that mere obnoxious rhetoric is gonna sink Donald Trump, street level politics seems to be the GOP's only hope.
I do think this might finally ignite Jeb Bush's Political Funeral Pyre Though, we can confidently await his "As a Catholic I am Offended" death rattle which will likely precede a final slabbing with the Coroner's Jury (political division).
There just aren't enough Catholics in South Carolina to incite and this Pope is likely none too popular down there.
BTW just a question....where are the US Bishops when their Pope comes in for a nasty attack from a US Politician Huh??  If Frankie was getting blasted by Al Gore or the like the Sacerdotal Stampede to register outrage on Live TV would kick up a dust cloud seen for miles.
Nope....Monastic Silence....seems odd don't it???

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