Monday, February 22, 2016

I've noticed a want ad in the Sunday Globe

(and yes be amazed that the Globe still runs want ads) wherein Stop-n-Shop is soliciting new hires specifically cashiers, grocery clerks, meat cutters the whole schmeer to work if and when a work stoppage occurs....
In other words, Stop-n-Shop is interviewing scabs.
Apparently they anticipate a strike at some point this year a'la Market Basket.
This is appalling.
Anyone who can actually interview at this point for a possible scab gig at a grocery store has to be at rock bottom in this life. It's disgraceful that the very poorest of the poor are now being marshaled to do the working class out of their jobs, because believe me, grocery store work is no path to riches of itself.
So we may be faced with yet another job action at a grocery chain in the near future.....and the usual cynical responses are already being prepared in advance.

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