Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Wow Sanders blew out NH....

double digits....pretty impressive, but then the polls were pointing that way all week.  I think Bill needs to tell Hillary that as of tonight she is the underdog and must run as such in Nevada and South Carolina, she can win and even win handily but it will require reconfiguring her perspective and her campaign itself.
Meanwhile as I predicted Trump won a  convincing plurality and the "Carroll County Clusterf**k" is currently battling it out for a four percent increment to claim bragging rights for second place. Right now John Kasich is running at 16% on CNN with Ted Cruz running third with Bush & Rubio battling it out with the cheap acts.
In other words....whoever wants to stay in whoever can afford to stay in will stay in, New Hampshire has launched Trump and yet somehow expects a giddy feckless reactionary like John Kasich will stare The Donald Down.
I have my doubts....remember at the end of the day all these guys basically lost...they just don't want to admit it yet.
And whether or not Trump takes over the GOP all depends on the relative state of denial among a bunch of grouchy white men who are trying to spin ten percent plus pluralities.
I think we might just have a very competitive primary here in Massachusetts, fancy that.

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