Monday, February 01, 2016

Jeb Bush must be tearing his hair out right now....

his hated former protege Marco Rubio scored for 22% so far in the Iowa Caucus. So of course that is allegedly one of the "three tickets out of Iowa" but it is divided neatly between three twitchy wingnut jobbers.
And if Senator Marco Rubio is anyone's idea of an "establishment moderate" then moderate republicanism dead, Dead, DEAD, in our lifetimes.
I will pay $500.00 cash to any undergraduate at Saint Anselm College who asks Marco Rubio on camera why he an alleged Roman Catholic regularly attends an Evangelical Protestant Church in Florida....and does he take communion therein? and is he worried about being reprimanded by his Bishops?

I predict a serious sh*tstorm of negative attack adverts in NH....the din is about to become a screech....and I wouldn't put it past Bush to drop the religious issue on Rubio....the man is "Madness Maddened" to quote Herman Melville.

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