Wednesday, February 03, 2016

The Big Takeaway from Iowa

is that over sixty percent of republicans in caucus choose candidates with a bombastic, apocalyptic and or belligerent World View. All three of the top vote getters out there fairly bellowed at the voters, "If I Do Not Win You Will All, DIE DIE DIE!!! If you doooo vote for me, I will graciously ignite a bonfire composed of everyone who scares you all to light your way to a Free Market Utopia to be debugged later...."
And in truth given exactly no other audible message from the other fourteen jobbers on the GOP stump, the locals simply opted for the loudest voices and or the brattiest character...Hence Cruz, Trump & Rubio.
This has important implications for everyone down the road, but the main point is, given no choice voters will opt for volume and the illusion of domination....and people will back illusions right up to the bitter end. Remember that.

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