Friday, February 05, 2016

I don't think...

Charlie Baker is a particularly skilled politician, he isn't much of a visionary, he isn't a persuasive public speaker and his skillset seems....rudimentary.
But I give him credit he has mastered the art of paying off big political debts in what amounts to "Monopoly Money".
Case in point his fervent endorsement of NJ Governor Chris Christie's campaign for the GOP nomination today, the Candidate in Question polling back down at about four percent after a brief spike some six weeks ago. "He ain't going nowhere" in the local argot and I think he knows it. Christie's current ad buy in New Hampshire looks like the roll out of commercials for a National Protection Racket, but his prospects are so dim that Charlie Baker can safely spend worthless political capital propping this fat mook up for a few more days.
Thus Baker will never have to explain to anyone why he ever thought Pro-Life, Anti Gay Marriage, Pro Revenge Chris Christie was ever anyone's idea of a moderate.....
Thats the nice thing though about endorsing a cheap act, you can pay back your political debts to the RGA for what amounts to "pennies on the dollar".

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