Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Basically what happened last night in the Iowa GOP Caucuses

is that no less than three cartoonishly belligerent declinists finished in the money. All three of them, Cruz, Trump and Rubio are essentially peddling the same line "All of You WILL DIE DIE DIE unless you elect me President whereupon I will reward your loyalty by unleashing a Painless New Golden Age".
This is all delivered with as many smirks, snarls and eye rolls as three underaccomplished jobbers can generate on the stump.
This is heading towards gruesome spectacle and may be too much even for a jaded observer as myself.
I finally feel bad for New Hampshire. For the next seven days they will be bombarded as never ever before with a tidal wave of sheer electoral bilge all of it nauseatingly truculent in extremis. It may even be enough to make the local yeomanry finally reconsider their heretofore sacred "First in the Nation" primary status in favor of somewhere outside their TV market, Guam say....or the Aleutian Islands.

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