Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Barbara Anderson RIP...

The famous anti-tax activist has gone to that Last Press Conference In The Sky, Barbara Anderson is dead.
Say what you like about her, but she was in her Imperial High Noon, The Activist's Activist.  In other words infuriating insolent inflammatory & implacable....with a fixation on low taxes that bordered on the pathological.
But lets face fact, zeal works. Its just that no one wants to do business with a zealot, unless you are a hungry journalist that is....
Barbara's secret was that in the end "She Was All About The Money", your tax money that is, for whatever reason it was appropriated her automatic response was said cash was better off in your pocket.
Thats a tremendous populist appeal but a sketchy theory of governance, of course like almost all activists Barbara didn't have to worry about governance her main venue was in the end, all about "Belief" and her touching faith in the universal efficacy of Proposition 2 1/2 made William Jennings Bryan's belief in Free Silver look like decadent apostasy.
Off the subject of taxation I'm told she was a very intelligent and broadminded person, in death she remains the "gold standard" quite literally for bottom up activism, anyone seeking real change in this state had best start examining Ms. Anderson's techniques....she was "good at her trade" to be sure.

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