Thursday, April 21, 2016

From the Looks of Today's Boston Globe

The Baker Admin has finally googled Joan Vennochi's landline, her column today is a defense of the Governor's curious silence on the Lege's pending Transgender Rights Bill.
Baker's silence may have it's strategic qualities but it also concurrently fuels the bill's adversaries to make sure it gets nicely buried, deals Charlies out of negotiations while preserving The Governor's funny-money revenue streams from the National GOP.
And boy howdy by all accounts the Governor Luvs his GOP Funny Money....he's been rai$ing all sorts of mad phat cashola to purge the State Committee among other tasks, it stands to reason he'd wanna decline cheesing off monied movement conservatives as long as possible.
And as I said before if this was corrupt doings with the DPW's retirement fund Charlie Baker would be howling like a Stuck Hairdresser...but then again so would the Op Ed Page of the Boston Globe don't kid yerself.

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