Friday, April 22, 2016

"Don't Inhale Liz"

The Boston Globe tried to gin up a "Warren for Veep" boomlet on the Front Page no less yesterday.
If you look at the prospect objectively, Warren is too much of a ideological soul mate to suit Bernie Sanders and she brings no geographical balance to the ticket. Her sole contribution there is a gender redress that presumably might quiet resentful PUMAs....and that wouldn't be a sure thing since Warren famously declined to Endorse Hillary Clinton last fall.
On the other hand "Clinton-Warren in 2016" is all kinds of radical estrogen overdrive with tincture of ideological outreach to Sanderistas and the self same lack of geographical balance that "Sanders-Warren" would have to overcome.
So..."Warren for Veep" is probably a bad idea for the democrats, but as a means to stir up controversy and sell newspapers, it's a slam dunk as far as the Globe is concerned.
So I earnestly encourage our Senior Senator to ignore all this journalistic buffoonery and steer clear of the National Ticket. We need you here in Massachusetts.

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